The Parade

The Parade
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The Lilias Day parade is one of the oldest in Scotland. For over 300 years a summer fair has been held in Kilbarchan. From as early as 1718, the fair was noted for its grand procession through the village. Today the parade remains one of the main attractions of Lilias Day.

The Historic Parade

The historic parade celebrates the rich history of the village. From pre-Christian times through to modern day Kilbarchan, the costumed character groups represent the history of the village. 

The Pipe Bands

Kilbarchan has a proud heritage of piping. Renowned 15 century piper, Habbie Simpson was born and lived in the village of Kilbarchan and is a central character in the Day's celebrations. Pipe Bands from Kilbarchan and neighbouring villages pipe the parade through the village and into the park.

The Floats

Masterpieces of imagination and creativity, the floats (40ft long, decorated Malcolm's lorries) bring a unique feature to the parade. Each year local organisations and clubs decorate a float, and the people on board, and join the parade.   

The Route

The parade starts at 1pm from Tandlehill Road. It makes it way through the village on the main road to the cross, along New Street and into Kilbarchan Public Park.